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Talking Dolls

Info ︎︎︎
The mission of Talking Dolls is to empower our northeast Detroit neighborhood through justice-focused initiatives. We create a nexus of progressive art and community-led activism through access to our shop, artist studios, and gallery space for workshops, performances and celebration. It is led by co-directors Wes Taylor, Ron Watters, and Andrea Cardinal.


TD / 12.10–12.18 2022


             Zahra Almajidi is a visual artist raised and based in Detroit, MI. Utilizing both traditional metalsmithing techniques and CAD/CAM processes, her work explores the ways in which objects and adornment allow one to question and contend with what it means to exist and to resist within a culture that hesitates to recognize and accept one as they are. She is currently the Assistant Technology Coordinator at Cranbrook Academy of Art as well as an adjunct instructor at Wayne State University.

Zahra explores the ways embellishments allow one to navigate spaces and cultures they are made to believe are not fully theirs to claim.

By highlighting certain elements of culturally specific objects—and simultaneously obscuring and/or omitting others—Zahra seeks to ask questions she is unaware she has. In finding those questions, she aims to better understand her cultural positionality.

Opening: Saturday Dec 10th 5-9PM
Closing: Sunday Dec 18th 3-7PM

Sunday Dec 11th 3-7PM
Friday Dec 16th 5-8PM
Saturday December 7th 5-8PM