Current Exhibition
OG 2021  
  1. Aaron Jones ︎︎︎

Incubator Residency Exhibitions
IR 2020
  1. Violet Luczak 
  2. Ciaran McQuiston
  3. Rachel DeBoard

IR 2019
  1. Laura Gibson
  2. Rebekah Sweda 

Talking Dolls —
The mission of Talking Dolls is to empower our Northeast Detroit neighborhood through justice-focused initiatives. We create a nexus of progressive art and community-led activism through access to our shop and exhibition facilities, use of our infrastructure for performance and celebration, as well as experimental art workshops.


TD / 11.21–11.29, 2020
Works from Amphora

            Rebekah Sweda received a dual degree in Chemistry and Art from Calvin University in 2018. She went on to receive an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2020. She is currently based in Detroit, Michigan. She works in both porcelain and stoneware, making contemporary pottery.


Deriving the vessel is influenced by the calculus equation used to find the area under a curve - to cut up a curve in order to account for the whole. The slices reveal more information, showing what was always there but not naturally seen.

The balance of negative and positive space created through slicing vessels is the base of my work. I innovate, experiment, and derive these thrown vessels. I want to make something new of what the vessel has to offer, taking something utilitarian into the sculptural. I am creating shape and blurring the lines of the interior and exterior of vessels.

The balance of negative and positive form in vessels is the base of my work. Innovation, experimentation, and derivatives within the expansion of ceramics. Slicing vessels to blur the lines of interior and exterior and going from utilitarian to sculptural. The emptiness of the vessel creates its form.