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Past Exhibitions
IR 2022
  1. bree gant

OG 2022
  1. Reuben Telushkin

IR 2021
  1. Rebecca Frantz
  2. Zahra Almajidi
  3. Know One
  5. Lindsay Skvarek
  6. Yuming Song
  7. Jingying Su

OG 2021
  1. Aaron Jones

IR 2020
  1. Violet Luczak 
  2. Ciaran McQuiston
  3. Rachel DeBoard

IR 2019
  1. Laura Gibson
  2. Rebekah Sweda 

Talking Dolls

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The mission of Talking Dolls is to empower our northeast Detroit neighborhood through justice-focused initiatives. We create a nexus of progressive art and community-led activism through access to our shop, artist studios, and gallery space for workshops, performances and celebration. It is led by co-directors Wes Taylor, Ron Watters, and Andrea Cardinal.


TD / 02.20–02.28, 2021
An Udder Disaster

            Violet Luczak specializes in the multi-disciplinary conjuncture of traditional design and painting. Her practice focuses on critiquing capitalism, individualism and imperialism through a surrealist and feminist lens. Luczak also integrates education into her practice, teaching art and design classes and opening a dialogue with the public about social activism through exhibitions and public talks.

Based in Chicago, Violet Luczak holds her MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art (2020) and her BA from Elmhurst University (2017). Luczak is a current Chicago Art Department Resident and was previously a 2020 Talking Dolls Resident in Detroit, Michigan. She has been published in New American Paintings, No. 147 MFA Annual Issue, Young Space and Its Nice That. Luczak serves as a faculty member at College of DuPage and DePaul University.

this narrative will leave you questioning how capitalism’s underpinnings are affecting your day to day life and our communities as a whole.

An Udder Disaster is a selection of paintings that compares capitalism’s profit-driven view of beauty, gender and sex to the toxic and unethical labor standards put in place in the pursuit of monetary gain. Depicted through large acrylic-based paintings of overtly sexualized women and dairy-based graphics, this narrative will leave you questioning how capitalism’s underpinnings are affecting your day-to-day life and our communities as a whole.