Collective Incubator Residency

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Current Exhibition

   coming back in April!

MDW Fair

  1. Atlas
  2. Assembly

Past Exhibitions
IR 2022
  1. bree gant

OG 2022
  1. Reuben Telushkin

IR 2021
  1. Rebecca Frantz
  2. Zahra Almajidi
  3. Know One
  5. Lindsay Skvarek
  6. Yuming Song
  7. Jingying Su

OG 2021
  1. Aaron Jones

IR 2020
  1. Violet Luczak 
  2. Ciaran McQuiston
  3. Rachel DeBoard

IR 2019
  1. Laura Gibson
  2. Rebekah Sweda 

Talking Dolls

Info ︎︎︎
The mission of Talking Dolls is to empower our northeast Detroit neighborhood through justice-focused initiatives. We create a nexus of progressive art and community-led activism through access to our shop, artist studios, and gallery space for workshops, performances and celebration. It is led by co-directors Wes Taylor, Ron Watters, and Andrea Cardinal.


Are you building a collective or collaborative project?


This summer’s Incubator Residency will be focusing on collectives, specifically. We are inviting teams of two and three looking to seed collectives, co-ops, & collaborative projects (we may be able to support larger groups, but we can only accommodate 3 people per collective inside the space).

This summer participants will be charged to:
  • Incubate these collective projects through planning and visioning
  • Expand on these projects by using the studio to develop creative products and outcomes
  • Assist Talking Dolls with their ongoing collective mission and initiatives

As a collective Talking Dolls has been reflecting on their mission and their role as a long standing collective in the Detroit Creative ecosystem. Talking Dolls co-director Andrea Cardinal uses the phrase “Go along to get along -or- Get along to go along” as a way to describe our slow approach to collective sustainability.

Throughout the summer we will be sharing information, and resources around collectives, cooperatives and collaborative work. We will host a series of talks, gatherings, and workshops around this subject matter. We will be inviting friends and colleagues from our networks to share their experiences, approaches, and strategies with this year’s cohort. Also we will visit other spaces in the area that work in a collective framework and share similar values.

Team Deliverables 7Ps (each group picks 3 of these things to execute over the summer):

plan, prototype, project, publication, product (prints, merch, ap, widget), production (performance, album, film, video, AR/VR media, website), party (event, workshop)

Talking Dolls Initiatives (each group picks one to focus on determine deliverable):
  • Membership system, Fundraising, grant writing
  • Neighborhood engagement
  • 13th Year Retrospective Show (opening summer 2024)
  • Talking Dolls Futuring
  • Website
  • Marketplace platform
  • Brick and mortar storefront
  • Writing, publications, guides/manual, frameworks, and toolkits centered on the

collective work
  • TD storytelling and media

Offering: consultation, space, workship, programming (events, convenings, dinner/bbqs, visiting artists, critique sessions, feedback, facilities (24hr access), network, exhibition, part of TD family

Your team’s personal studio space within our 7,500 sq foot studio.
Open studio events
Access to our woodshop, screen printing facilities, kilns, and risograph printers
AND a exhibition in during our 2024 exhibition season

Provide a Statement of Practice (~250 words), a Statement of Residency (~250 words) and 5 images of recent work.
Applications are due April 12, 2023

We are an unfunded, independent artist space and gallery in Detroit, MI. June 1–August 31, 2023
Teams of 2 pay $400/mo $200 a person
Teams of 3 pay $510/mo $170 a person
NOTE: Housing is not included and will be the residents' responsibility to secure.

If you have any questions, or if you have any issues with uploading documents to this form, please contact us at